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Pointers when you are interested in buying a pre-owned vehicle:

  1. If buying from a dealer – Ensure that they are affiliated to the RMI and Major Banks.
  2. Double-check the service history and ensure its a code 2 vehicle – You are allowed to ask for the previous owner’s details – always a good idea to make contact with them.
  3. If need be asked for a Dekra report or an AA Test report.
  4. Exterior – inspect the vehicle for overspray – its normal practice for dealers to do minor reconditioning- meaning Stonechips and or small dents – Make sure the dealer declares all work done on the vehicle.
  5. Warranty – It’s important that you understand the terms and conditions of the dealer warranty.
  6. If you decide to purchase the vehicle and you are doing your finance at the dealership – negotiate and read the fine print.
  7. Ask for a copy of the Roadworthy certificate.
  8. Inspect the tyre condition.
  9. If you are trading in a vehicle – presentation is everything -make sure your vehicle is 100% roadworthy and presentable before you take it for a valuation – sometimes its better to separate the valuation process from the actual transaction -get a second opinion if you are trading in a vehicle.
  10. Before you take delivery – do another inspection of the vehicle and ensure that everything that was discussed was actually done.

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