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Cool Car Names -People Name their Vehicles.

Names for Vehicles

Give the vehicle a nickname supported its overall look
Try to specialise in a special/odd feature about your car’s design, trust its color, shape, wheels, rims, muffler or even its head/tail lights. For example, if you own a Volkswagen Beetle that has some rust spots on its hood, you’ll be able to decide it “Rusty Beetle.”

Think concerning however long you’ve closely-held this automotive
A straightforward manner to travel concerning this can be to choose a reputation supported however long you had the automotive. For example, my papa had his current car for over eight years, and he calls it the mighty grandma. For example, my dad had his current car for more than 8 years; he calls it the “Mighty Grandma.”

Nickname it when what’s underneath the hood
Another technique to line a singular nickname for your whip is to handle its speed, H.P. or performance. For example, you’ll be able to perpetually decision a slow automotive “Turtle,” or a car with a lot of horsepowers a beast.

Give the automotive a nickname supported the funny expertise you’ve had with it
You can simply come back up with a cool name for your automotive if you’ll be able to spot a funny or singular expertise you’ve had with this it. For example, if your car once survived onerous atmospheric condition you can decision it “Tough Girl” or even cops are propulsion you over for no reason all the time, then you can name the car –” Troublemaker.”

Choose a nickname for your automotive supported what your shut ones consider it
Friends and family can provide you with honest thoughts and comments concerning your ride, and you’ll be able to simply use those thoughts to return up with the funniest nicknames ever. For example, let’s say that your succor perpetually makes funny comments about the smell of your interior; you can nickname your automotive – “The Stinky One.”

Nickname your automotive in keeping with its sentimental price
One of the best ways to nickname an automotive is to talk to the time wherever you obtain it. Was it your 1st car ever? Did you pay all of your savings on it? Or perhaps you had a bang for your back and acquired it for cheap? You will perpetually use such details to choose a singular nickname. For example, if you bought this car in an exceedingly deplorable condition and you had to repair and restore it yourself, you’ll decision it – The Zombie.

Nickname the automotive when it’s complete
Another issue you’ll be able to do is to decide on an ingenious nickname for your automotive supported its brand. For example, if you own a Mercedes-Benz, you can decide on this – The German masterpiece.

Use all the higher than and are available up with complicated nicknames
So if your automotive has several distinctive features, you’ll be able to perpetually mix those and are available up with a posh nickname that describes your ride the best. For example, you can have a car that’s super-fast, none the less folks around you’ve got been fretful concerning however loud it is, you can decide it – Car Haters’ Magnet.

The following list contains all styles of automotive nicknames; a number of them are funny car names, alternatives, therefore, mean car names, it all comes all the way down to your car’s qualities. Also, these names may be used for other vehicles, so if you would like impressive truck names, be at liberty to use any of those nice names for your truck.

You can even decide a reputation for your car supported themes. For example, you’ll associate with an attractive car name, a cool name for your car, a funny name for your car, a badass name, a cute name, and if your car is pretty quick or if it’s a racing car, you ought to undoubtedly pick a race car name.

Cool Car Names
If you like a nerdy automotive name or the other cool nickname for your ride, the subsequent are cool names for a truck, a car, a car or any other 4-wheeled vehicle.

Funny Car Nicknames
Need some funny automotive names? Check out these uproarious car names. These names also are funny truck names, so don’t hesitate to use them for your truck or jeep.

Avalanche Starter – This automotive is therefore loud you actually ought to take care once driving within the mountains.
Banana-Mobile – This automotive could be a frightful yellow color.
Barely Working – You’ve have to be compelled to work effortlessly to stay this one alive.
Blazing Saddles – After the comedy film of an equivalent name.
Braking Bad – Wordplay on the TV series Breaking Bad.
Breathe In Here – Related to the above.
Bumpy – Smooth surfaces are overrated.
Buses Are More Convenient – When you get during this car, you ne’er grasp if it’ll begin or not.
Chainsmoker – This automotive extremely couldn’t pump additional smoke into the sky.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – In respect to the film of an equivalent name.
Clown Shoe – This automotive simply appearance ridiculous.
Comedic Act – Nobody will take this automotive seriously.
Craigslist – That’s why it’s therefore cheap.
Crawler – Babies move at a quicker pace than this.
Crumpled Face – This automotive has been rammed a trifle an excessive amount of at the front.
Damsel in Distress – This automotive perpetually desires to save.
Dead Horse – Heavy and doesn’t wish to move.
Dead Man Walking – Or during this case, driving.
Dented – Symmetrical cars are overrated.
Diddly Squat – This automotive isn’t price something anymore.
Dilapidated – This automotive has seen much better days.
Dirty Sanchez – Perhaps the filthiest automotive on the road?
Drama Queen – Treat her nicely, or you’ll regret it.
DUI – The solely manner you’ll drive this automotive is drunk.
Dump Truck – Should extremely be wont to haul garbage.
El-Retardido – A changed variation of the word “retarded.”
Family Truckster – Definitely not a cool car.
Fart – Got issues with the exhaust pipe?
Fatty – Sometimes size will matter.
Gargoyle – This automotive wasn’t designed to be beautiful.
Geriatric – This automotive is therefore previous it’s no plan what it’s doing.
Goofy Luffy – A funny name for a mediocre car.
Gramps – This automotive is as previous as your grandparents.
Grumpy grampas – Is your automotive extremely old?
Junkyard – Where it’ll be going soon!
La puta – A uproarious name for a lousy
Lackadaisical At Best – This automotive extremely couldn’t care less that you simply ought to drive it.
Last Legs – Every day could be a struggle to stay this automotive alive.
Lazy Bones – This automotive extremely doesn’t wish to work.
Loca – Stands for ‘’crazy’’ in Spanish.
Loony Balloony – A uproarious name for atiny low and vivacious car.
Miss Daisy – After the film Driving Miss Daisy.
Model-T – This automotive seriously couldn’t be any older.
Mother Trucker – You will in all probability guess what this one rhymes with.
Moving Antique – To be fair, not several antiques will move.
unlucky charms – Have you intimate a bunch of unfortunate events during this car?
Muddy Bottom – You extremely ought to clean it, however it’s simply not well worth the time.
My Other Car Is A Tank – You wish!
My Other Car Is An F1 Car – Similar to the above.
New Noise – New day, new noise.
Nimrod – This automotive undoubtedly isn’t a hotrod.
Noise Pollution – Avoid urban areas during this car, or you’ll in all probability get fines.
Not Symmetrical – This automotive has seen a number of too several accidents.
Ogre – Big and ugly.
Oil Leak – You perpetually leave an extended path when you where you go.
Paid In Cash – The solely manner somebody would sell this car.
Patches – This automotive has masses of various colours on different components of its body.
Patience – You’ll would like it once you drive this slow one.
Peanut – For a tiny low car.
Peeling Away – It sounds like a day a brand new piece of this automotive falls off.
Porker – Too huge and onerous to maneuver around in.
Pre-Owned – Of course, it is.
Rattlesnake – Perfect for an automotive with a shaky exhaust pipe.
Retired Demon – She was once a beast, currently she barely works.
Retired Satan – A super funny automotive name for a stubborn previous car.
Roadkill – This automotive has had a number of unfortunate accidents with animals on the road.
Rusty N’ Dusty – Dirty and in would like of some maintenance.
Said – A goofy Pokémon character.
Scrapyard Wannabe – It doesn’t wish to measure anymore.
Sex on Wheels – Most probably this automotive isn’t as horny as you would like it to be.
Slow and Steady Wins the Race – This automotive is also slow, however you continue to love it.
Slowpoke – If you drive too quick you’ll miss out on all the scenery.
Slugger – This automotive extremely couldn’t move any slower.
Smoke Monster – When you drive this car, the full street gets devoured by smoke.
Smokey And No Bandit – Wordplay on the film Smokey and therefore the Bandit.
Soon-To-Be-Retro – Who knows, perhaps in 20-30 years you’ll be able to sell it to a museum.
Spare Parts – This automotive is price additional to you as rubbish than as a full car.
Spare Some Change? – You’ll would like it if you would like to repair this automotive up.
Spicy Mustard – Something concerning this automotive perpetually rattles your senses… and not in a decent way.
Squeaker – You ought to be a very calm person to drive with the sounds this automotive makes.
Stepchild – you don’t like it the maximum amount as your own child.
Swamp Monster – It doesn’t build significantly healthy sounds once you drive it.
That Noise Is Normal – What you inform your friends once they’re freaked out by all the weird noises coming back from your car.
The Car Of Yesteryear – Even your grandparents ne’er drove one thing therefore old.
The cow – Does your automotive sound funny?
The Drug Dealers Car – This automotive extremely seems like it’s been used for prohibited activity.
The Flying Brick – This automotive spends plenty of your time within the air.
The Ghetto Cruiser – When you park it next to alternative busted cars it doesn’t look therefore bad.
The Heap – Somehow this hunk of metal still manages to work as a car.
The living dead – A sleazy name for a renovated car.
The Mystery Machine – All you would like could be a Great Dane, and you’re set to resolve mysteries.
The Old Testament – This automotive is therefore previous it had been around before Jesus.
The Snail – Similar to the above.
The Thing – Words cannot describe it.
The Toad – This automotive has an interesting similitude to the rough amphibian.
The Turtle – This automotive is tough, however boy is it slow.
The Undertaker – Literally days aloof from changing into scrap metal.
The Wreck Mobile – People are surprised that this automotive continues to be capable of moving.
Time Machine – Driving this automotive is like going back in time.
Tin Lizzy – In respect to the band Thin Lizzy.
Too Expensive To Fix – A darn shame.
Traffic Jam Starter – You’ll irritate plenty of alternative drivers during this car.
Truckenstein – A funny name for Associate in Nursing previous truck.
T-Wrecks – Like T-Rex, however simply not as terrifying.
Ugly Betty – An American comedy-drama moving picture concerning an unpleasant lady named Betty.
Unwashed – It’s been farewell since you clean this automotive you’ve forgotten what it used to appear like.
Used and Abused – This poor automotive has had some powerful times.
Vlad the Impala – Perfect for a Chevy Impala.
Wheezy – If this automotive had lungs it’d have the foremost terrible cough.
Will Get Pulled Over – Police perpetually check up on your automotive suspiciously.
Won’t Start – It’s not such as you ought to go anywhere, right?
Yosemite Sam – After the cartoon character.
Zoolander – This automotive might look good, however, has problems turning left.

Another nice supply of automotive name concepts is to provide your car with a gender-based nickname. For example, you’ll name your truck a female name.

Car Names for women
If you’ve got an attractive automotive or truck, you ought to attempt any of those lady car names and girl truck names:

Affection – You’ve ne’er felt additional precious than by this car.
Aphrodite – This automotive could be a god of beauty.
Athena – After the Ancient Greek god of knowledge and war.
Barbie – You’ve wished an automotive-like this since you were fidgeting with Barbies.
Bella – After the Italian word for beautiful.
Booty – Everybody loves the rear of this car.
Bootylicious – The backside of this automotive is delicious!
Carrera – Too clever?
Chardonnay – You higher not be drinking once you drive this car!
Cleopatra – After the legendary Empress of Ancient Egypt.
Eve – Such a sublime name.
FAB1 – After the automotive driven by Lady Penelope’s pantryman within the original Thunderbirds.
Femme Fatale – For a feisty female car.
Foxy Lady – Unbelievably attractive.
Goddess – This automotive descends from the gods.
Gold Digger – Only a gold digger would drive a automotive like this.
Golden Girl – The excellent name for a golden car.
Heather – An glorious English name.
Her – She is certainly a she.
Highway Diva – You appear as if a true opera star once you drive this automotive down the road.
Hoe – This automotive will would like no pimp.
Junk In The Trunk – And pleased with it.
Kid Mover – The primary purpose of this automotive is to require your children from purpose A to point B.
Lady Luck – Only delicacies happen once you drive this car.
Lady Penelope – With a reputation like this, this automotive ought to solely be driven by royalty (also may be used as a respect to the Thunderbirds).
Little Lady – A excellent name for a tiny low and stylish car.
Lola – This name originates from the Spanish name Dolores and means that ‘sorrows’.
Ma-car-ena – In respect to the song ‘La Macarena’ by Los Del Rio.
Mademoiselle – This automotive is a true darling.
Malibu Stacy – After The Simpson spoof of Barbie.
Mama’s Mercedes – You higher treat that Mercedes with care!
Man Eater – Men won’t leave this automotive alive.
Miss – This automotive can ne’er settle down.
Naughty Boy – A nice automotive for a girl.
Poison Ivy – After the Batman villain.
Queenie – For once ‘queen’ is simply not cute enough.
Rhonda The Honda – The name you would like for your lovely Honda.
Scarlett O’Cara – Wordplay on the character Scarlett O’Hara from the film Gone with the Wind.
Sexy Personality – A feature any sensible automotive ought to have.
Shirley – Originates from Old English and means that bright or clear.
Sophia – Originates from Greek and means that knowledge and skill.
Sporty Spice – After the Spice Girl, excellent for sports automotive with a lot of energy.
Stella – A beautiful automotive name, it is additionally a good lady truck name.
Super-Charged Fire Pony – That’s one terribly special pony.
The Good Listener – You may speak for hours during this car.
The Motherwagon – You consider this automotive as your mother.
The Other Half – Forget your husband; all you would like is that this car.
Veronica – For a classy, grown-up lady who’s got her stuff together.
Wonder Woman Wagon – Alliteration makes this name a true winner.
Xena Warrior Prius – Wordplay on Xena Warrior Princess, excellent for a Prius owner.
We shouldn’t simply mention manufacturers’ names. Some of the best automotive names are model names, as they’re newer and trendy. The following model car names will inspire you to return up with a good name for your car.


Never experianced this in South Africa and would be interested to hear what our nation would name their vehicles. the Above article all credit must go this site probably one of the better sunday afternoon reads in a long time – find Nicknames

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