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August |Motoring South Africa |e-mobility-online

VW Golf R7 seems to be with us for a bit longer – The VW Brand is a Legend in its own right, VW -Quality and Reliability of all their product in South Africa will always be a be part of most of the people in our country live – simply because of quality v/s affordability and reliability . Even in a downwards economy, VW seems to keep their share of the market – and that as mentioned before – If a Brand is consistent with product quality and service it will have the support of the consumer.

Suzuki as a Brand in SA is definitely delivering with special reference to the sales performance and vehicle offers in smaller to the medium segment. their Models appeal basically to every Demographic and generation within South Africa – I’ve had the Honour and pleasure to meet some of the O.E.M Senior management and the leadership – and the only words to attached to their success is always Stay humble, serve your customer and live the brand.

e-Mobility-online – we are offering free advertising to all – meaning load and post your vehicle online and our team of experts will assist in delivering the results.

Buying a vehicle is a big decision. There are so many factors to consider and it could be a bit overwhelming at times.
Luckily, E-Mobility Online gives you the freedom to make your own educated choices when buying a vehicle. We ensure that you get the right trade-in price for your old vehicle and we solely associate ourselves with accredited service providers.
We’ve been part of the motor industry in South African for decades. It has given us the knowledge and experience to ensure we not only provide a safe platform for you as a buyer or seller but that we also provide vehicles and related services from reputable service providers with who we have longstanding relationships.
If you’re interested in buying a vehicle, make sure it is through E-Mobility Online. We represent some of the largest vehicle brands across our dealer network in South Africa and we’re available 24/7.

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